Close your eyes and count to five. Now step into your own Eden dreamland. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Whom are you with? Let yourself lose and we’ll share a little secret with you – we know a hush-hush place where wilderness stands for beauty and nature means simply coming to peace with everything around. It is a magic land where the green does get along with the blue and the ever-pouring Danube River flows into the wavy Black Sea.


Welcome to the Danube Delta!

We are honored to guide you to the most unbelievable experience of your life! We’ll take you on a Safari tour of wildlife, exploring and genuine country life! You will experience boat exploring of the channels in the places untouched by mass tourism, enjoying the fisherman’s villages, unique landscapes and nature, walking on a wild beach on the Black Sea coast.


Our bet: Safari Danube Delta, Sulina:

> boat trips in the most beautiful places in Danube´s Delta, including safari in Letea Forest, Insula Pasarilor (Bird Island - the youngest island in Europe), channels with water lilies Musura Bay, lakes and the fishery, here where people prepare the most delicious fish soup with water directly from the Danube.

> accommodation /transfers with a private boat / special transport Bucharest - Tulcea

> dinner/launch celebration/day

> party on the beach with fireworks, music and champagne

> specialized concierge assistance

> personalized itinerary


Take the courage to jump into our daring proposal, but don’t come unprepared! These are the must-haves for your adventurous trip:

> A pair of jeans / trousers and long sleeves shirts

> Sun hat / scarf / hat, flip-flops and things necessary for beach

> Sunglasses

> Comfortable shoes for walking - sneakers

> Overflowing enthusiasm and desire for a unique experience​.

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