Oh God it’s hot! As you comfortably swirl the globe in search for new summer challenges, let us tell you the story of one little place in Southern Romania, where the sun meets the sea, the wind meets the sand and the boys meet the most astonishing girls on earth.


This is the place where people decide when music stops, and where good vibes keep it going, turning it into a Ibiza for party people. Feel the call and explore the summer nightlife of one of the last untamed party locations in Europe ! With its unusual continental look, its wild nature, its inviting scenery, the crazy people, the bright colors, the bumping beats, the high heels and wild engines, the overflowing good vibes and the non-stop fashion will make you never want to leave. So caution – it may cause addiction!


Take a look at what we have in store for you in Mamaia:

> Accommodation in exclusive apartments of 5* luxury resorts by the sea for a perfect and discreet experience

> SPA and pool access

> 24/7 transportation by luxury cars, assisted by English speaking driver (taxes, insurance and fuel included)

> VIP Clubbing

> 24/7 personal assistance services

> Errand services

> Airport transfers

> Complete dine experience in the best international and fusion cuisines like Italian, Turkish, Lebanese or Sea Food delicacies

> VIP Beach bars and lounge

> Entertainment crew and hostesses

> Exotic car rental upon request, including Ferrari

> Helicopter transfer

> Private SPA leisure

> Massage Sessions

> Boat rides, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Flyboarding, Jet Ski

> Part/full time bodyguard

> Yachting


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